Sunday, May 26, 2013

Jalie 2796

I bought my first Jalie pattern.  I actually ended up buying 4.  I ended up buying 2796, 3135, 2805, and 2920.  I decided that I wanted the first two and they were having a buy three get one free so I found two more to add to my order.

Katie of Kadiddlehopper  and another blogger are hosting a swim suit sew-a-long.  I'm not really participating, but I am reading the posts.  She recently posted about SCUBA chic and posted a picture of Jalie 3135, which upon seeing it, I knew that I had to have it for my bear cub.  Children with Down syndrome often have a hard time regulating their body temperature, and my bear cub is very thin. Because of these two things working against her, she turns purple very fast.  I've bought neoprene tops for her and the nerdlet but the smallest size (size 2) is pretty loose and doesn't seem to help much.  I'm hoping that a suit that covers more might help more.  I haven't bought any fabric to make this yet, so it is currently just sitting by my machine.

Jalie 3135

I did, however, trace 2796 for myself (in size AA - American 14) and size F in width and H in length for the nerdet (size 2 length and 4 width).  The fabric I had for making this with only stretch 70% in one direction so I decided to make the nerdlet's version first, since the size 2 is actually 2 inches wider than her waist and if it didn't have enough stretch, she could likely still wear it.

Jalie 2796

I just made the shorts for the nerdlet (though I did trace off all the pieces in her size since they are really a good size for all three of my girls.  Though for me, after making sure the shorts work, I'll likely make myself a few of the skorts.  I'm a huge skort fan, even though I only have one in a size 12 that I used to wear before I ever had any babies and still squeeze myself into occasionally. These will be great because I can slip my phone and gym locker keys in the pocket.  Currently I have one pair of real workout shorts and more often than not I end up going in my regular shorts (Burda 06-11-111) and while they work, they aren't exactly ideal.

The nerdlet wasn't exactly cooperative and Darth Baby was more than willing to help make sure I couldn't get good pictures.  They started playing some version of swing tug-of-war with that blanket and I did the best I could with the pictures.

The nerdlet really likes them and she decided to go to sleep with them.  There is enough room in them that I think I'm going to try my size as is even though there is no vertical stretch.  I'm short waisted so I'm hoping that the lack of vertical stretch works out okay.  I can sometimes buy the low waisted jeans and get them all the way over my hips so I think it should.

I actually think the draft fits the nerdlet so well, that I may replace the pattern I'm currently using (a cross between two Ottobre patterns) for leggings and replace it with this one.  The nerdlet prefers to wear dresses most of the time and as she starts Kinder this fall, I think it's a good idea for me to make her some knee length leggings in a bunch of colors to wear under the dresses.

Since I have the pattern traced and the fabric washed, ironed, and ready, I should have my version sewn fairly quickly.


  1. Isn't it great to get so many sizes in the one pattern.

    1. It is. I love that I'll be able to make my girls these things all through their lives.