Saturday, May 11, 2013

Ottobre 03-2009-38 Seahorse Swimsuit

I've needed to make my daughters swimsuits for a long time.  We have swimsuits supposedly in their size and  some a lot smaller and that is the reason that I've been putting it off.  The nerdlet and the bear cub are both very, very thin (5 yrs-42 inches tall-30 pounds, 4 years-37 inches-26 pounds) and their tiny little butts show through the leg holes if I get a suit that is the right length and so I've been putting in them in the 18 month and 24 month swimsuits.  That solution no longer works because I cannot pull the swimsuits up high enough to cover them in length.

I used the Ottobre 03-2009-38 for the swimsuit.  I wasn't planning on adding the seahorse, but the nerdlet saw the seahorse while I was tracing the pattern and was very excited about it, so it was added and really it's a really nice addition so I'm glad she had me add it.

The suits starts at size 92 and goes up to 134.  I made the 92 in width and the 104 in length, but like her mother, she is short torsoed/long legged for her height and it's too long.  I'm also noticing for the first time that she is probably going to have my extended lordosis.  The bear cub is the opposite and has a long torso for her height so I plan on making the same size for her.  I'll also be making one for Darth Baby so that she is not left out and I'm considering making the same size and adding gathering along the side, and yes it's because I don't really feel like tracing another size.

I also used fold over elastic instead of making the binding and straps out of bias tape.  When I make this again, I will definitely shorten the straps from the size 92 straps that I used.   The length would be fine out of bias tape, but the fold over elastic stretches a lot more and so could be a couple of inches shorter.

I'm pretty happy with it, especially considering it's my first swimsuit.