Thursday, May 16, 2013

Tiramisu - Version 2 More Info

I promised more info on my new favorite dress and here it is.  We don't own a full length mirror so I learned to use the timer on my camera and it's kind of fun, so hopefully no more blurry dark bathroom pictures. 

First, a picture of the fabric that I used.  I have enough for another garment if it doesn't take too much fabric so that's nice.

Here are my changes to the front bodice.  My version is on the bottom.  The first thing I did was trace the right side.  Then, I took the back piece and matched it to the top drawing a line straight across (for the DDD version it was slightly higher from the stretchline to the shoulder).  For the bottom, I drew the bottom right corner another size down and curved it smoothly to the other side meeting where the bottom of the sleeve would be for one more size out.  The last thing I did was draw the underarm piece for the 35 and then traced a line from the bottom of the sleeve to the shoulder point.

And here I am in the dress in a much clearer photo.

I love this dress enough that if I didn't live in the heat of Texas, I *might* consider shapewear.


  1. Oh Kimberly, I'm thrilled that you love your second Tira! I have been side tracked with a cleaning project this week but I can't wait to get started on more of my own. (I have two more dresses and a Tira tunic in the works.) It looks wonderful -- life's too short for shapewear, and especially in TX heat/humidity!!

    1. I'm so not kidding about wanting to live in this dress. I want to make a dozen. When I was little, I used to only wear dresses and while I don't do that anymore, this is a dress I think that I really could wear everyday and be happy. I'm sewing an animal print one today, or that's the plan anyway.