Monday, May 27, 2013

Jalie 2796 - Adult Version

I finished the first pair last night and it isn't pretty.  Okay, there isn't anything wrong with the pattern, but really no one needs to see these shorts with me in them.  It seems I carry all my gross fat between my belly button and my upper thighs.  And for some reason, while these shorts are probably a size too big, somehow they still manage to cling enough to show what being serially pregnant and having three babies in three years does to your abdomen.  I think they will be fine for working out, but I'll also be wearing one of my t-shirts over them and since all my t-shirts are x-large or bigger to get over my chest, this means that they are all long enough to come down to my thighs.

I'm posting the pattern again so that no one has my image appear on their screen.  This is your opportunity to stop reading and close this post.

There is no resistance/support in the fabric that I used (the same cotton Jersey that I used for the nerdlet) and they are pretty comfortable.  You can see the fold right above my crotch.  It's actually two inches of folded fabric  I already have a fix for this as I did this with my favorite shorts here, and I'm going to adjust the shorts and make it into the skort before I traumatize any readers with another version.  I didn't bother to hem the bottom edge as I won't be wearing these.

Now that I'm looking at this picture, I think I should have left my legs in the picture and maybe that would have taken away from the horror a bit.  I could play with the filter and make it sort of artistic.
Then I could pretend people are just looking at my pretty legs.

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